Quest Aircraft Kodiak for Sale, historical pricing AND trends

There are currently 24 Quest Aircraft Kodiak listed globally with an average price of $2225061.67 and an average days of 126.00

Quest Aircraft Kodiak for sale
Of Quest Aircraft Kodiaks for sale 73% are listed in North America, 0% in South America, 27% in Europe and 0% in Asia.
Quest Aircraft Kodiak count history
Quest Aircraft Kodiak list price history
Quest Aircraft Kodiak counts by Age
Quest Aircraft Kodiak average price by Age
Aircraft AgeManufacture YearCountsAvg. Price
0-2 2019-2020 5 $2,584,590
2-5 2016-2018 3 $2,309,397
5-10 2011-2015 9 $1,258,000
10-15 2006-2010 2 $995,000
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